The German Kitchen Specialists

Quality, German Nobilia Kitchens designed and built especially for you and your home.

PT. Nobilindo Cabinet Indonesia are proud to be able to provide all of our customers with a great choice of beautiful German kitchens!

Nobilia has been been around for a long time and in fact, the nobilia factory in Germany has been building luxury, pre-built, rigid kitchens for over 60 years! All of our kitchens are tested and built to the highest standards.

At Nobilia, we don’t believe in flat packed kitchens, they are just not an option. Every kitchen we design and build is specifically ordered for your home and pre-built just for you.

With some kitchen manufacturers, you can almost guarantee missing or damaged parts. We are proud of our strict checking system which ensures that each item is individually wrapped so that your kitchen arrives in your home exactly as and when it should. There will definitely be no missing parts!

What Quality made in Germany Means

From receipt of goods to production and to delivery – nobilia has installed a sophisticated control system for all process steps, to guarantee the high quality of every single kitchen. In addition to the testing stations, up to 21 complete fitted kitchens are put through the paces of a quality audit every day. Quality, environment and energy have been core to our company philosophy since our very beginning. Every single nobilia kitchen meets the stringent international quality, environment and energy guidelines.

Zero error strategy.

Only furniture that has passed all the qualification tests in nobilia’s testing laboratory, are allowed in the new collection. The QC testing laboratory is thus an important building block in nobilia’s zero error strategy.

Quality assurance down to the smallest detail.

Regular product audits, ramp audits (review of the unloading process) and return shipment reviews are important components of our consistent quality assurance. A quality circle group and trainings with customers as well as workshops for trade partners and collaborating fitting installation companies also ensure the highest nobilia quality.